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Vulcan entered the long bar quench and temper market and now the Heat Treating division is the largest long bar, induction heat treater in the world with annual capacity surpassing 100,000,000 lbs. on five state of the art induction furnaces; along with the ability to heat treat bars as small as a .210 in diameter to over 5-1/8" and up to 60' in length. The company also pursued the cold finish market and now draws rounds, flats, angles, squares and hexes in a variety of grades and finishes and serves primarily the steel service center market. It is the only cold finished mill in the country with a product range from as small as .125 up to over 6" in diameter.

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Why Vulcan is the largest threaded rod and B7 producer in th U.S.

ISO 9001:2008 certification (Download here)

* Testing & measurements during production process

* Post production on-site lab

* Continuous monitoring and improvements by Quality Manager in partnership with all areas of the company.

Vulcans History

Low Carbon Steel Threaded Rod

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ASTM A 193 B7

ASTM A 320 L7

ASTM A 193 B8 (SS304)

ASTM A 193 B8M (SS316)

ASTM A 449

ASTM A 242

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Grades Available

In addition to the above product offerings Vulcan Cold Finished offers Industrial Quality/Commercial Quality Rounds as well as rounds produced to meet the ASTM A722 specification.